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What is caused by consuming a large amount of chilli like substances.
Had a big chow on the chilli last night and look da fuck out, me got da ring stinga
by zeilich February 08, 2005
In U.K. a hot or extremely hot curry, such as vindaloo, tindaloo or phaal. Defenition refers to not the preliminary chilli peppery taste, but the secondary "afterburn" effects felt on the loo next morning.
I had ten pints and a vindaloo last night, what a ringstinger! I've been shitting through the eye of a needle!
by KIP October 31, 2003
A giant raving homosexual that has a large weapon of mass destruction that, when inserted, stings ones ring.
Oh Tom that was good you are such a ringstinger!!!
by Wocca September 02, 2003
A person who stings another's ring - ie a homosexual who sticks his old chap in another man's ass and makes it sting. Of course, if the other man is loose and enjoys this exercise, it will not sting at all.
'Man, that guy was a real ring stinger.'
by Jack Doff January 09, 2004
a very painful fart which leads to following through
i had a vindalo last night and it gave me a ring stinger. i had to change my draws
by robert branch December 05, 2003
the act of inserting a dinga (extacy) up ones rectum to achieve enhanced absorption only to be greated with a stinging sensation as the user realise the now shelved dinga is burning their insides.
dom: oi kesh how'd that dinga go down

Kesh: fuck me stupid, its a real ring stinger!
by the gypsy prophet September 13, 2010
A player found botting in online games often & claims that one of his/her friends or family members is mentally retarded/socially impaired/brain dead and can only press a certain amount of buttons on a keyboard because they were 'set up that way.'

Is also a source of infinite amusement.

Once you find a Ringstinger in your online game you know it has gone to Hell and it won't be coming back.
Boy, did you hear about that Ringstinger's brother? He can't talk to people on the net 'cause he's nonexistant!!
by Miss Kimberly A. October 05, 2006
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