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a game young kids play, 1 kid would go up to a persons house and ring their doorbell, and then run away, but not to far so you can see the owner open the door and look outside...hence the name "ring and run"
nowadays people don't open doors, they ask who is it? or look through a keyhole...FYI
kid 1: Im bored.
kid 2: me too.
kid 3: We can play ring and run...
kids 1 & 2: yeaaaahhhh!!!! lets play "ring and run" and piss off some neighbors!!!
by blthrskt October 30, 2005
when a woman gives a stern poke in the eyeball to the person performing cunnilingus on her, immediately after, or during, climax
Woman receiving cunnilingus climaxes, gives a ring and run to the benefactor of oral pleasure, then pushes his face away with her foot and says "get out!" She rolls over to fall asleep, as he makes a hasty retreat, confused.
by Michele Myers April 01, 2008
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