an idea, something that can help you, or a friend, out
If your best friend had a fight with another friend a rimple would help you out of that sticky situation.
by Hoppy and Jelly November 16, 2007
Top Definition
Rimple - the dimpled effect you get around your rear end when wearing tight pants with an elastic waist band.
You got rimples!
by spacey stacy 23 December 05, 2012
This is an exclamation of laughter and joy similar to LOL or LMAO. It stands for...


It can be used in any situation when one wants to express laughter in a fun, jubilant way!
Evan: I just ate 15 clementines and now i feel really sick...

Ben: hahaha I just rimpled!
by hollabackatcha January 04, 2011
(noun) the indents that the elastic in your sock will leave on your leg
Oh man, check out my leg, my sock left some nice rimples!
by JayMc April 10, 2007
english slang. a word for a person who has a particulary nice or big ass.
man, that girl has a rimple!
by mk gal x April 06, 2006
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