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similar to the act of chillin', with the addition of marijuana, not unlike rollin'
We be rillin wit a blunt man, get the fuck over here and be ready to be blown off yo ass
by budizzle May 25, 2005
A combination of relaxing and chillin'. A cooler, newer and fresher version of the word chilaxin'. Commonly used when a person is even too lazy to say chilliaxin', showing an ultimate state of coolness and relaxation. The most extreme version of relaxation.
Alan: Hey man! Sup?
Sean: Ah y'know, just rillin'.
Alan: Dude... Respect.
by Sean Mooney November 10, 2006
Better than chillin'
Man 1: Ayyyy sup bro?
Man 2: Ayy dude nothin' much jus rillin' with my broski's.
by michellebabii August 18, 2008