when the blood of a dead person cools off making them stiff
from latin
i tried to steal the ring off the dead mans finger, but rigor mortis had set in and instead of getting the ring off, i ended up taking the whole hand
by shitze January 07, 2006
A Texas metal band that came along just after Boss Tweed and Pantera and was signed on Capitol records. Rigor Mortis was best known for songs like Speed Whore, Mummified and ZOG. They were also well known for being heroin addicts but still a top notch very professional band. One night at Joes Garage while Rigor Mortis was playing a guy jumped up on the stage and stabbed a couple of the band members.
Rigor Mortis blew the doors off of Joe's Garage last night.
by Rivothead June 04, 2009
adjective. Elegant word for a stiff person.
damn. did you see that rigor mortis P. Miller dancing?
hell ya!
by Brennie January 05, 2006
the useful phenomenon that stops stiffs flopping off the table when sickass necro goths try to screw em.
by My May 12, 2003
The state of being after taking too much ecstacy
"Yo, Im so rigor mortis right now"


"What are we going to do tonight?"
"We'll go to a club, get rigged, and hopefully meet some biddies."
by Jazzface78 February 22, 2005

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