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Thinking you are better than all the leftys out there because you make up a majority discriminates against a smaller group of more intelligent high achievers.
They generally employ weak logic to make themselves feel better about being boring and generic, unlike unique leftys.
(right hander) Your'e left handed. You should be burned at the stake because you side with the devil."
(lefty) "Don't worry child, you just have a right-hand complex. You see, Jesus was left-handed. It is stated in the Bible the Jesus sitteth at the right hand of God. That is because God is also left-handed. Now stfu!"
(right hander in a snoody retaliation) "BUT,If God was left-handed, and so was His Son, then why does Jesus sit at God's RIGHT hand?"
(lefty) "The OBVIOUS reason is so they don't bump elbows when they eat. Duh."
by gamma_xi February 21, 2009
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