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A word used to describe the stupidest shizzle one could ever imagine. Ridonk applies to one's personality, if their actions merit it. It's more ridiculous than ridiculous, and even one step above ridonculous.
Wes: Dude, I was fuckin runnin from the cops and shit for an hour before i realized that they were chasing someone else.
Katie: That's ridonk. Dumbass.
by Katie and Wes August 18, 2005
When something, someone, or any situation is excessively ridiculous that the word ridiculous loses its meaning.
"I saw this girl today who was so ugly that it made me cry. it was ridonk"
by Andrew12046 July 15, 2006
A jacked-up version of 'ridiculous.'
"He's gonna call after 11 pm on a Friday? That's ridonk!"
by lil'rica January 01, 2005
a higher more serious term meaning ridiculous often used sarcastically
person A : dude, Beast Wars is FILTHY
person B : are you Ridonk?

Dax flame is completely ridonk
by Zakiah Hughes August 13, 2007
A mixture of 'riduculous', which is normally shortened to ridic, and 'tonk' meaning 'especially amazing/big etc'.
That goal was ridonk, for example this is a ridonk goal
by str87 October 12, 2008

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