n. The action of driving a vehicle while high on heroin.
I was riding the dragon for a record time last week! 30 seconds.

I rode the dragon right through my own garage door yesterday.

Hey! Ya want to go ride a dragon with me? We don't even need our own, we can just borrow someone else's for a bit.

Listen to this! Before I begin let me just say this guy's my idol. So apparently a few years back a man got his pilot's license so he could officially fly planes! One day he decided to truly "Ride the Dragon" and flew a plane, high on heroin, and after about 14 seconds of flight landed safely on the highway, only to be crushed by an 18 wheeler truck. Interestingly enough, it turns out the truck was carrying a whopping 130 kilos of heroin, which was quickly confiscated by the police.
by Guitano98 October 03, 2009
Top Definition
To achieve a drug induced high through the use of heroin, usually for the first time.
Natalie calmly helped the man empty the syringe into his arm and with cloudy eyes said, "Soon you'll be riding the dragon."
by S. S. Smith December 27, 2006
when fucking a girl from behind (bareback), yelling I have aids and seeing how long you can hold on.
Guy 1: "how'd ur night go?"
Guy 2: "ended up riding the dragon with that slut i brought back from the bar last night."
Guy 1: "how long'd you make it?"
Guy 2: "the full 8 seconds"
by wwcb4 October 10, 2009
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