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To be overly critical of. To continuously find fault with.
I was late for work and my boss was riding my ass the whole day.
#riding my ass #ride my ass #ride-my-ass #riding-my-ass #denounce #reride #criticize
by AL Diego April 29, 2007
The experience of having a person, most likely driving a large truck or SUV with their high beams on, tailgating you at night when you are clearly exceeding the posted speed limit.
Dude, this chode was riding my ass the whole ride home even though I was going 20 MPH over the speed limit!
#riding #ass #tailgating #high beams #car
by JerryTurnpike May 31, 2014
forcing anal sex upon one
My prison mate began riding my ass from day one
#rump rape #butt fuck #poke in the porker #rump grind #internal back rub
by Elmo Lincolnhead February 02, 2007
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