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Being in a place more often than usual by driving in the area as if you were looking for something. Making more of a presence in that location.
Yeah man, I heard that dude killed somebody. That's why the police been ridin' hard lately.
by HighRoller0327 January 15, 2012

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Driving at least 10 to 15 mph faster than everyone else on the road to get somplace in a hurry. And doing it smoothly without looking like you're racing or being an asshole.
Yo, I was ridin hard on 95 to get back to the crib.
by Pirata November 13, 2007
To feel overly warm & fizzy after taking prescription Pain-killers, or Doogs, with fellow users and friends.
Marcus: How you feeling brotha ?

Worm: I'm Ridin-Hard so much that I can't even feel my damn legs!
by Doogie Hauser August 19, 2008