riding around with illegally tinted windows
"Got my windows tinted and now I'm ridin dirty."
by The Notorious SARA July 11, 2012
This is when a girl has dirty panties on while wearing a skirt. She could be wearing a short or long skirt, it could be revealing as well, the key is the state of the underwear that she would be wearing.
“Man, I saw up that girl’s skirt and it was awesome till I realized that she was ridin dirty.”
by DragoTPE May 12, 2011
The act of walking around town with poopy time in your pants.
"Do you smell that? I think Marni must be ridin' dirty again."
by dirtypants August 05, 2008
When your girl takes a stank shit without you knowing and then rides you during sexual intercourse.
1. Ooh baby that feel good...damn what's that smell? You ridin dirty? Nasty bitch!

2. Man I was getting with Tiffany the other night and it was all good until she got on top and I smelled somethin evil. That bitch was ridin dirty!
by JSnoop January 06, 2011
Talking on your cell phone while driving.
Matt was pulled over for ridin' dirty.
by Cap'n Prep October 02, 2009
(1) Ridin' dirty refers to the act of riding on Las Vegas public transportation (namely the Deuce Bus) for an extended period of time without travelling a great distance.

(2) The act of partially soiling one's underpants and continuing to "ride dirty" as though nothing had happened.
Person 1: We've been on this bus for like 20 minutes and we've only gone a block.
Person 2: Ya, we're ridin' dirty.


Person 1: "I think I might be ridin' dirty."
Person 2: "Seriously"?
Person 1: "I dunno, I might be."
by John Incubus June 27, 2006
When one takes a large dump and forgets to wipe, therefore leaving skid marks in one's under garments.
Your mother when she takes off her panties.

"Bitch, I be ridin' dirty"
by Amanda Gilizzle June 11, 2006

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