tippin in a candy car pickin up some bitches gettin some head and yo balls lick at the same time while smoking a blunt of da best herbigramical you ever seen in a whip on 22-28 or higher inch rims just swervin.
the definition of ridin is basically the example
by Lil' Fire up!! April 18, 2006
Top Definition
To drive a dope ride. Also, to be at the top one's game.
2pac expressed it best: "Ride til u die!"
by venusflytrap January 15, 2005
To insult someone harshly, sometimes right in front of them.
PersonA: Either this dog is female or its hung like 'PersonB'!!
PersonB: Dawg, why you ridin' me like that?!
by J-dubb March 08, 2005
To excessively make fun of someone or mock them.
Why you ridin on me all the time?
Stop ridin' on people.
by sbvampie December 17, 2005
the act of snorting a line of cocaine.
"Dude, I was TOTALLY ridin that white horse last night!" or just "hey, we're gonna go ridin. wanna come with?"
by Darkhand January 13, 2010
straight up fucking wit any girl.
Man, i was ridin' sum sweet ass last nite!
by scotty February 16, 2003
To dis someone or make fun of someone.
Person A: You got a body like a steak sandwich!
Person B: Why you gotta be ridin' me like that?
by J-dubb March 07, 2005
to talk about someone
Man, why you gotta be ridin' on me all the time?
by l-dizza March 25, 2003
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