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To insult someone harshly, sometimes right in front of them.
PersonA: Either this dog is female or its hung like 'PersonB'!!
PersonB: Dawg, why you ridin' me like that?!
by J-dubb March 08, 2005
One who loves receiving hugs from almost anybody. Like alcohol this can be a daily and addicting habit. Must be a long hug or bear hug for one to feel the high or the euphoric love hangover feeling. But no fake hugs are allowed. You can give someone a certain look and they know exactly what you want.....a big hug.
I am a straight hugaholic for my boyfriend.
by j-dubb January 09, 2014
To leave. Another way of saying "outtie".
I have to work man, I'm gonna bizout.
by J-dubb March 07, 2005
To dis someone or make fun of someone.
Person A: You got a body like a steak sandwich!
Person B: Why you gotta be ridin' me like that?
by J-dubb March 07, 2005

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