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a combination of ridiculous and loud
"Did you hear her today? She was absolutely ridiculoud!"
by Sara Tru March 06, 2007
(Adj.) ridiculously loud
"I'm trying to sleep but my roommates are ridiculoud!"
by Joel Cathey November 08, 2007
This is a combination of two words. Ridiculous and Loud.
Jim Cramer (the infamous stock market shill who recently was exposed brilliantly by John Stewart on the "Daily Show" on Comedy Central) continually used his influence to manipulate stocks as the ignorant lazy lemmings blindly followed his RIDICULOUD booha opinions.
by Emergency Man March 17, 2009
A portmanteau of "ridiculous" and "loud." Means exactly what it sounds like.
Man, have you been to Mr. Spot's on a Friday night? They let these crappy electronic 'musicians' play. It's ridiculoud.
by SarahAlyse July 17, 2009

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