A disorder caused by being made fun of for an entire lifetime, usually resulting in a dramatic act of violence. See also "Going Postal".
The suspect was apprehended wearing thick glasses and a turtleneck, screaming and kicking, obviously suffering from extreme ridiculosis.
by Jeffro Bodeen August 13, 2008
Top Definition
The condition of being ridiculous
Can you believe this? Bartholomew seems to be suffering from ridiculosis today.
by JRAT May 24, 2011
A short or long-term disorder that causes people to say usually untrue, exaggerated, or just plain ridiculous things.
Guy 1: Did you hear Guy 3 talking about how the world will end? Do you think it is true?

Guy 2: Don't worry about it, he has ridiculosis.
by Hi I am Kyle T. October 02, 2010
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