A slang phrase indicating that your presence is not welcome and that you should most definitely keep moving. Related to the phrase "F#@ you and the horse you road in on"
The best thing for you to do is just ride on.
by Jmonkey July 25, 2005
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To roll up on someone unannounced and give them a beat down or otherwise fuck them up.
Cornelius: "Dwight sure acted inappropriately at last night's party."
Jose: "For real? What did that motherfucker do, playa?"
Cornelius: "Well, when I was in the other room refilling my apple juice, I believe that he attempted to make sexual advances toward my lady friend."
Jose: "That's just fucked up."
Cornelius: "It is indeed. I must take retaliatory action of some sort."
Jose: "Fo' shizzle my nizzle. Let's ride on that fool, dogg."
Cornelius: "I concur that doing so would be the most appropriate course of action at this time."
by Nicholas D February 18, 2009
Awesome AC/DC song for late night after party wind downs
Hey man pass that shit over here if you want the Doritos
by Yo Mama Osama June 14, 2004
a rail or fun box you don't have to ollie (or jump) onto, rather the snow is at a level or there's a ramp with which you can just ride onto the rail/fun box
Grinding isn't so hard when all of the rails or ride ons.
by jak oi July 25, 2005
Put pressure on someone, specially an opponent.
(on a basketball game)

Ride on 'em!!
by Currixan December 09, 2008
In in vernacular of mountain biking: right on, continue on, you are doing well, cool, etc.
Snowflake: Dude, I just cleaned that technical section.

Mike: Ride on!
by mikwat May 20, 2004
To hop on a dick and ride it like no tomorrow.
So when I finally got this shorty home, we were messing around.
She asked what to do next, I asked her if she wanted to get up and ride on.
by 4 July 25, 2005
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