Ridiculously-dank. An exclamation.
This party is ridank!
by Jinky8 August 14, 2006
Top Definition
ridiculous to the level in which it is obscene; insane in the membrain. insane, got no brain.
"Excuse me mam? If I pay for your groceries...will you give me crack money?"

"Sir...that is riDANK yo. brotha needs a job & a bike"
by kdizzle fo shizzle February 22, 2006
extremely ridiculous: a combination of ridiculous and dank, ridiculous meaning absurd, and dank meaning so high quality it's intense
That guy speeding down the street backwards with his car doors open was ridank, yo!
by Bec Everett February 21, 2009
something that is ridiculous
omg, that was ridank
by mrben410 March 09, 2006
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