A popular "made you look" style game played within the World of Warcraft community forums through a humorous 80's music video by Rick Astley. Whenever a thread or topic goes sour or steers of topic or even just for fun, players will post the link to the music video and everyone who clicks to watch it, has been "rickroll'd".

The video is filled with bad 80's dancing, clothes and hairstyles.
Example as if played out in the priest forums.

Priest 2: http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh

Priest 1: damn...I just got Rickroll'd...

Priest 3: $%@^#$%$%#&%!!!!omg i did too...i have been rickroll'd....i suck :(

Priest 2: BUAHAHAHA!!!! noobs
by Gosford May 20, 2007
a contraction for "Rickrolled" when caps lock is on
Joe:Got to www.superawesome.net/rickrolld.htm
Bob:Not funny link, doofus.
by DaKirbinator January 10, 2008
go on youtube and look up Rick Roll'd and play the first song and call a friend playing it when they pick up after 30 seconds( if they are still on the phone ) tell them they've just got rickrolled.
Athena : * playing Rick Roll'd for 30 seconds *
Scott : What was that ?
Athena : Hey, Hey Scott, you've just been RickRoll'd.
- Athena Hung Up. -
by pook and numz April 12, 2009
same as rick rolled but for noobs who cant spell.
noob=ha! you have just been rick rolld!
nonoob:You my freind have phailed.its rick rolled.
by arnolds Cat March 21, 2009
(n): The worse thing that can happen when searching through porn sites.
Kay: Ayo, u got any gud sites? i wanna see some good pr0n right now while my gf is gone.
Eggy: Fo sho dude, u know me. i never let u down. check ur mail right now. those should be sum gud links :)
Kay: iight got them, thx kid.

~~~3 mins later~~~

Kay: WTF IS THIS!!!11!!1! I lost my gotdamn ERECTION! FOOK U!
Eggy: You've just been Rick Roll'd
by Eggamon April 11, 2008

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