Rick James is dead bitch!

A drug addict and rapist (did prison time)
Rick James is dead bitch!
A dumbass that continually pissed of Charlie Murphy.
"I should have never gave you niggas money."
"The milk's gone bad"
"Show me those tittas... Im Rick James"
"Buy yourself a new couch mother fucker.. Im Rick James"
by Mo March 12, 2004
Rick James is a "superfreak" from the 80s who was impersonated on the Chappelle's Show. Now everyone laugh whenever they here "i'm rick james bitch!!!!"
"Let me see them titis!!!"
"If I had 4 fingers I'll give them 4 thumbs down!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!"


"Rich motherfuckers!!! Fuck your couch!!!!"
by tasha July 19, 2004
Rick James is dead, Bitch!
Fool 1:I'm Rick James Bitch!
Fool 2: Rick James is dead, Bitch!
by Nas Choka August 29, 2004
Dave Chappell
I'm Rick James, Bitch!
by Ben A. May 24, 2004
"Is rick james going to have to slap a bitch"
One of chapelles most famous quotes of Rick james.
My favorite as a matter of fact.
When a girl smarts off to me I proceed by saying, "Is Rick James going to have to slap a bitch"
They usually shut the fuck up or laugh either one.
I do the rick james on my girl friend all the time she never learns.
by Rip Dirt ma grit February 26, 2005
Rick james wasnt the person who said
"Is Rick James gona have to slap a bicth"
On the same show it was wayne brady that said
"Is Wayne Brady gona have to choke a bitch"
Wayne: Msr.Jacksons all lonely
Hoe:Sorry Baby
Wayne: Sorry?Sorry?... IS wayne brady gonna hane to choke a bitch
by Delphia April 08, 2005
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