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Slang for Richmond California
Richtown is in the Bay Area
by §M1LY March 24, 2005
Another word for Richmond (CA) Richmond aka Richtown
I live in Richtown which is in the bay
by §M1LY March 24, 2005
The big city of Richmond, VA. The river city is the cap of the confederacy! Damn.
The Rich-Town is holdin it down.
The River City is lookin gritty.
Let's look on the bright side-if DC gets nuked, the rich-town is f*cked!
by Easy Money February 09, 2006
The bootsie non-original reference to Richmond, CA
Whats Richtown?
The bootsie non-original reference to Richmond, CA...
by M. Du May 06, 2005
slang for Richmond, VIRGINIA.
All these clowns in richmond, ca need to stop trying to steal richtown virginia's swagga..

maybe someday they'll realize richtown, va is twice the size of richmond, cali.
by B. Clay September 15, 2008
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