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An awesome, intelligent female who upholds good values and moral standards. She's very enthusiastic about life and usually a kind, loving person. Richea is a popular female name in the Islands of the Bahamas
Richea won Miss Bahamas
Be a Richea
have a Richea-mentality
You smell Richea-like today.
Don't be a party pooper, be a Richea
by dialect242 April 19, 2011
Someone who pretends to do work, but in reality does very little. Often seen wandering aimlessly with a blank or expressionless stare.
Look at that Richea just staring at the wall.

That guy is pulling a Richea!

Get to work, don't be such a Richea.

I plan on Richeaing my way to the top.

by Richard Hansen June 21, 2008
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