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1. A Richardson is an individual that is often times misunderstood to be arrogant or cocky, but ends up proving that they aren't boasting, just speaking with truth.

2. An adjective used to put an emphasis on a trait that is legendary.
1. I thought that guy over there was full of himself, then he proved us all wrong, what a Richardson.

2. Dude, that guy just pulled off a Richardson 360 in his Mustang, sweet!
by JediNod February 18, 2012
A dance it's namesake character in Hot Rod performs. The dancer places one hand on the back of his/her head, and one hand on the hip, and proceeds to thrust his/her pelvis enthusiastically while wearing an extremely big smile.
"Richardson, you don't do anything"
"Oh, don't I"
by Jesus Price July 10, 2008
A richardson is another way of saying somebody is inbread with a dinosaur and a human. result is not pretty and I advise staying away from them, which wont be hard because they keep to themselves and do not like answering questions.
Kid 1- Dude that richardson is looks like a dinsoaur!
Kid 2- Your right that person does have physical features which reseamble that of a dinosaur!
by Dr. Monopoly January 20, 2010