Rice stands for "Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements".

A ricer is someone who owns a car, usually with about 120hp, but thinks a body kit, rims, airplane wing, fart can, stickers, decals, ect will make the car fast because it will look fast. Ricers believe that adding tacky body mods will somehow get them pussy and give them 400hp to the wheels. Ricers are usually stuck-up white kids who fall for marketing schemes from magazines and "import performance" websites, mezmorized by the pictures of bodykits and big fart cans, and believing the "dyno proven 100hp gains" written in the product descriptions.
Ricer buys 120hp Civic because hes broke.

Ricer watches Fast and the Furious and wants 500hp to the wheels and some pussy.

Ricer buys an import magazine and sees a body kit that gains him 200hp "dyno proven".

Ricer buys the body kit but hes too lazy to paint it the color of his Civic, but he puts it on anyway.

Ricer revs his fart can at girls and they laugh.

Ricer trys to race a 350Z and loses the $500 bet because he did the "math" and thought he had 537hp and would win, i guess not.

Ricer hangs himself because he fails at life.
by psykadabra October 16, 2009
kids who think they're hardasses circling the sonic parking lot a minimum of three times trying to find someone to "rice" in they're souped-up imports. basically, punks who drive like assholes trying to see how many people they can piss off @ once.
"dude, my 4-cylinder's lookin clean tonight! where we off to?"

"duh man, the sonic-ac moore lot, cause we are SUCH ricers..."
by MoHag February 28, 2006
a car that 1) has a park bench mounted on their trunk 2) has a whale tail mounted on the trunk 3) has less torque than my 1-10 scale electric powered RC car 4) cuts people off on the highway
hey rice boy, why did you buy that park bench, u could just go steal one at night - punks
by Andrew November 23, 2004
Any group of white suburban teenagers whom drive cars (that they think are fast once loaded with mounds of useless non-preformance inproving parts)that their parents bought them. (noted for their inablity to pronounce race as it comes out as rice)
"There are lots of ricers around here today. We must be in suburbia"
by Obsidian November 19, 2002
A person who owns a car and claims their car (usually imported) a 1987 Honda CRX with a body kit, has 30k worth of work done, and then proceeds to get laid out by a 1998 Pontiac Grand AM GT with flowmaster mufflers and a cold air intake.

Deluded Individual: "Rickys 1987 CRX is awesome, I heard he has over 30 thousand in the car."

Person two: His body kit snapped when he drove over a 2 inch speed bump. I was riding with him that day. He tried to race this Grand AM with no body kit, so he just knew we would win. Unfortunately within 2 seconds we were 10 car lengths behind! Ricky is a ricer!"
by GrandAMPower98 April 12, 2008
A person with a horrendously funny confusion between style and substance. Not all ricers are fuckwits, the ones who get their Civic DX and put 20"s and lawnmower exhausts on them are.
Ricer: Civic DX, complete with fart pipes, neon lighting, completely stock engine, and 8000 decals including a Ralliart one and a Mugen one next to each other. Non-painted aero kit.

Not a ricer: twin-turbo RX-7, with modest rear wing, 16" alloys and good tires. No aero kit. Maybe a limited-slip. Non-audible blow-off valves on turbo. No carbon-fiber to be seen. Good-sounding exhaust

REALLY not a ricer: 1955 Willys-Overland Pickup, 35" BFG M-T'S, Mercruiser 350, NV4500 5-speed, true 4WD, Detroit lockers.
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
One of no comon sense in the performance of automobiles. Thriving on mere stupidity, these comon motorists think by simply slapping on a huge annoying muffler, a misplaced cold air intake, adds in a few computer chips and slaps on an unpainted body kit, that thier once upon a time 'daily driver' has gone from a driver to a racer. In their subconcious mind the individual knows the actual limitations of their vehical, but due to the overwhelming cockiness that seems to gradually take over any modified 4 cylinder owner, their bragging and shere idiocy gets the best of them as they slip into an imaginary state of invincibility. This mindframe gives them the 'courage' to race almost anything, lose, and still come back claiming their automobile is better and somehow happens to be superior to their winning opponents.
Simply stated the word 'Ricer' is a noun often used to replace more commonly used words such as 'moron', 'retard', 'dumbass', and 'god damn honda driver'.

Common signs of recognition associated with the word 'Ricer' are as follows:
- Annoyingly loud mufflers
- Unpainted body panels
- Stupid tail lights
- Pointless body kits
- Huge un-necessary wings
- Crooked license plates
- Mesh grills
- Taco Bell
Passing by the Camaro was sighted a small lowered, annoyingly loud, eurolighted blue and white honda civic. Inevitably racing and losing, the little ricer managed to regain his pride by forgetting the incident even occured.
by ShowStopper540 June 25, 2006

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