An Asian-make car that has decals, wheels, lights, spoilers, and mufflers that probably make only 50 more horses than stock.

Ricers lead to Hot Import Night which is a good thing. :-D
Civic, Civic, Civic.
by J September 28, 2004
A state of mind drivers get (normaly, but not limited to, drivers of FWD sub 5.0 Liter Engine) where as seeing the movie "fast and the furious" they beleive there import is a 10 second car and ready to take out Trans Ams.
That 16 second Ricer Barked his fart can at my 12 second T/A, what the hell is he thinking?
by WickedS6 July 11, 2003
a theif, someone who steals things, it doesn't neccersarily have to be an object bt it can be a girlfriend or even a word for example "fraggle"

(a welshy word)
George: yu allright m8?

James: naa not reli, i wanted 2 put fraggle on urban dictionary bt sum ricer fukin sponged (took ) it alredi

George:omg i am getting rexton over this
by welshyboi February 22, 2009
a car with ANY mods whatsoever that do not ad performance
any body kit
stupid stickers
elec bov
by Ishan February 23, 2004
Dan Power's civic (ya, it has euros!)
You see me beat that wheels were goin so fast i lost my center cap...its prob in Kansas by now.
by Kennedy February 21, 2004
WRXCJS, See Cody, Rice, Ricerboy, punkass
The WRX Cody/WRXCJS drives is a ricer.
by Gizzmodnb March 17, 2008
One who drives like they are hard or are all that. One who talks about their car like it's the best when it's really weak.
Man my v6 mustang can beat a Skyline.
by Tong January 09, 2004

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