Any of a number of persons, usually young males, who place numerous cosmetic enhancements to a vehicle in the belief that such enhancements will add performance to their vehicles. These "enhancements" include but are not limited to:

1. Incorrect badging
2. Insanely large exhaust tips (5" in diameter or greater)
3. Spoilers & bodykits; especially those made of cardboard or plastic
4. Offset tape stripes
5. Single wiper conversion
6. Oriental symbols; esp. on American cars
Cars do not neccesarily need to be imports to be considered "rice"- ex. "Cobra" badging and/or body kit on a V6 Mustang.
I've seen myself the following examples:

"RalliArt" badging on a Honda
"Evolution" badging and bodykit attempt on 1989 Mirage
"Neuspeed" badging on 1997 Lumina
"Type-R" badge and 5" exhaust tip on 1980s Civic Wagovan
Double spoiler, 18" rims and Type-R badge on Geo Metro
Type-R badge on Ford Probe
by Mr_Buick January 15, 2004
Any teenager or young adult who takes a japaneese import car, ususally a Honda, and adds relitivly cheap aftermarket parts that have no effect on engine performance. Such parts are aftermarket exhaust, intakes, wings, lights, and stickers. Most commonly added are NOS and VTEC Sitckers. When the hood is lifted however the engine isn't a VTEC and there is no Nitrous Oxide system Installed.

When challenged to a race ricers will almost always and laugh and drive away with there exhaust making you deaf for a tempary amount of time. On occasion a ricer will make the mistake of pulling up with the Rap blaring and ask a guy in a small low powered car to "rice" becasue they can't say race. The person will almost always decline the "rice" but if they accecpt they will win because the ricer drives his car in first gear only becasue it is louder than the higher gears.

I could beat any ricer in my rusty old corsica. Execpt I wouldn't wake up the neighboorhood with my exhaust.
by Garrett October 28, 2003
The process of taking an import car such as a Honda Civic, putting a fart pipe on it, spoilers and some stickers. Then you drive it around town flooring it out the corners, vainly beleiving people think you're cool and have driving skills.
Ricers have tiny dicks.
by growupricer August 30, 2004
honda civic with no payments left on it bought by second owner who then tints the windows and puts a spoiler and fart cans.
Generally speaking, the owner
1.places decals on every visible surface.
2.Puts on clear altezza tail lamps just in case people didn't realize they are a ricer, not a nizzle!
3.Installs tailpipes aka fart pipes mimicking the sound of a geriatric patient with rectal prolapse.
4.may put neon lights on or under car
5.puts a stereo in which makes the cheap plastic add-on components rattle like a can being kicked down the street.
6.the owner may put a spoiler on the Civic so as to have more surface area upon which to place stickers, and to make sure the cops know there's weed in the car.
7.Ricers show their spirit by neutral -dropping their 150,000 plus mileage vehicles at the stoplight only to be subjected to total ownage by SUV's pulling large boats.
*Ricers are common in New Jersey now due to the fact that they stopped making Camaros
*Ricers are the more annoying of supspecies of neanderthal that put aftermarket rims and ghetto fabulous shizzle on their transportizzle.

The Queer Eye guys came today and trashed Joey's Furniture, Clothes, and his ricer. Maybe now he'll get a job and possibly even get laid!
Trend-following wannabes who add lots of badly made aftermarket parts to their Japanese imports in an attempt to make said import look fast. These people are usually teenagers mired in the suburbian quagmire that are forced to make their cars "custom" by doing the same thing all their ignorant little friends do. Note that none of the modifications commonly done by these idiots actually improves the car in any way.
Girl 1: Oh, look at that ricer, his car is so cute!

Girl 2: Yeah, almost as cute as his tiny little nuts
by Jesus September 23, 2003
Young punks that dress themselves, and their cars, for 9 second runs down the quarter mile when in reality they can't break out of the 17's!
Look at that ricer driving around in his honda civic with a performance muffler.
by Sy October 12, 2003
A small vehicle that's big on ignorance. Usually laden with asinine "mods", like garish plastic ground effects that were never painted to match the rest of the car, a giant whale-tail even though it's front-wheel-drive, and a fart-can whose sound encourages everyone to turn and laugh at the driver.

This phenomenon is sad, really. It may have resulted from the fact that stupid consumers flocked to front-wheel drive, despite the fact that these cars handle like a sled on concrete and AREN'T WORTH MODIFYING.
Back in our parents' day, kids would save up to buy an old Chevelle and work on it until it was a V-8 powerhouse.

Today, most of that demographic has been replaced with spoiled brats who think they can buy performance in the form of stickers and a subwoofer. Instead of wasting their money on these laughable ricers, they could have scoped out Auto Trader for a great muscle car and owned a classic.
by Information Central March 09, 2004
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