a racist comment directed at asians
White co-worker to Asian co-worker:
"Do you like rice?"

Asian to co-worker, "That is so rice-ist!"
by fluffer09 March 06, 2009
An Asian person who is racist against other ethnic groups. Ironically to include other Asians.
Mr. Cho's riceist view is that Whites, Blacks, and the Japanese should all do the world a favor and move to the moon.
by abomber June 15, 2009
a person who does not like chinese, vietnameese, korean, japanese and other rice-eating nations
He never shops at that chinese bodega, he is such a riceist!
by sickre June 09, 2009
someone who prefers white rice but dislikes brown rice
see how he wont even look at the brown rice what a riceist.
by sir kramer the great April 13, 2013

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