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a racist comment directed at asians
White co-worker to Asian co-worker:
"Do you like rice?"

Asian to co-worker, "That is so rice-ist!"
by fluffer09 March 06, 2009
8 0
An Asian person who is racist against other ethnic groups. Ironically to include other Asians.
Mr. Cho's riceist view is that Whites, Blacks, and the Japanese should all do the world a favor and move to the moon.
by abomber June 15, 2009
7 3
a person who does not like chinese, vietnameese, korean, japanese and other rice-eating nations
He never shops at that chinese bodega, he is such a riceist!
by sickre June 09, 2009
4 0
someone who prefers white rice but dislikes brown rice
see how he wont even look at the brown rice what a riceist.
by sir kramer the great April 13, 2013
2 0