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Strictly speaking, a person who seeks romantic relations with Asians.

Cmmmonly, a short or scrawny white male lacking self-esteem and/or assertiveness who seeks power in interpersonal relationships by attempting to date Asian females whom he perceives to be submissive and obedient.

Also, a white male with a prurient but ironically inaccurate fascination with what he perceives as exotic.
Man, Michael is such a fucking rice chaser -- he keeps going to Thailand to get laid.
by Tin Ngo October 11, 2004
A non-Asian who prefers Asians for dating or sex. This attraction is based on shallow perceptions and media stereotypes of Asians. For example, rice-chasing men often believe Asian women would be more sweet and submissive.
That rice-chaser refuses to sleep with anyone who's not Asian.
by clearlegos July 25, 2008
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