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Ball sport that is dominated by Asians (ping-pong, badminton etc.)
Man 1: I bet I can beat Chen in table tennis.
Man 2: Nigga you crazy! You can't beat a chink in rice ball.
by PhysEd December 21, 2008
Condescending insult used typically against those of east asian descent. Usage of this phrase has dropped considerably since WW2 however
Sergeant: "Time to wake up the rice balls with artillery!"
by jon killbe November 16, 2009
A Japanese (or really any type of East Asian/Pacific Islander) person who is kind of a puss. Usu. referred to men who would bring not much honor to their family because they are such a puss.
Kenji is such a riceball. He screams like a little girl, and he dropped wrestling for swing dance class because he's scared of getting beat. His old man probably isn't too pleased.
by Spottydog June 05, 2011
A derrogatory term against asians. I guess can be racist. I myself am asian, so i think its really funny, but if you are against racism, don't call asians it. About equal with the term "chink"
"Hey, riceball!"
by WM February 14, 2004