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A source of income that is essential to your livelihood.
Yvette thought that we were trying to get her fired so she told me "Dont mess with my rice and beans!!!"
by Mike - HRCG August 17, 2011
7 1
Husband, wife, significant other. Comes from a staple item to a traditional latin american entree, rice and beans! (similar to mash potatoes in American culture)
"I will ask my rice and beans what our plans are for Saturday."
by heatseeker August 29, 2007
22 8
A Japanese made car (Toyota, Honda, etc.) filled up with Mexicans; Hispanics; etc. (Mexicans are referred to as "beaners", as their diet is often made up of beans and tortillas). Rice is a main staple of the Japanese diet, so many of Japanese-based items have a rice moniker associated with that item (e.g.: "rice-burner" refers to a fast Japanese car).
As we were driving through Juarez my brother said: "Check out the rice and beans next to us." I looked out to see a Toyota Corolla pack full of the locals.
by mike49677 February 21, 2010
19 18
Whackin' it.
Dude, I walked in on my roommate making rice and beans last night... awkward.
by Ryan Kasabian November 06, 2008
8 12
showing your from spanish origin becuz we are known for making rice and beans!!! duhh
im mixed 50% Black 50% rice and beans
by boricua morenita November 25, 2009
6 15
What Ricans do to their piece of shit cars. Not only do they rice it out with Pep-Boys hubcaps and fart mufflers, but they paint their car the same color as the flag of their ancestors.
Check out Team Rice and Beans over there.
by DB Cooper December 04, 2003
19 46