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an onomonpeoa used to describe the sound of a frog without making a fool of ones self
The frog goes ribbit.
by master stghm April 04, 2004
A code word for an attractive man, especially one who is fancied by a gay man.
"Ribbit at nine o'clock!"
by YourMoonInTheSky March 22, 2009
1. onomatopoeia; sound a frog makes

2.noise made when someone else fails
frog: *ribbit*

person: *walks by poster for lame movie*coughtwilightcough** RIBBIT
by Jade Jealousy July 23, 2009
A greeting or callback created for the Sinners (fan-base) for 'The Devil's Carnival', a film written and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. It is similar to the "testify" callback for Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Person#1: This is Joe. He's new to the forum
Persons#2, #3: Ribbit.
by lolzitsme March 12, 2012
Ribbits is another word for money
Oi boy Av u got me ribbits yet boy da old chavvyz goin lou lou at me
by Joka! September 14, 2006
A person who is just acting stupid, or just like a retard. Also when a person is not acting in your favor.
I wanted to go to the party but my mom was acting like a ribbit! she didn't let me go :(
by EmzWaddell October 08, 2009
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