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An extremely unsexy dude. Usually completely unclothed or covered in olive oil or some kind of imported vinegar. Also is a person who will try to get with descent looking girls at parties and will fail every single time, unless that girl is actually a guy. Or a guy who has a choad or some sort of random object, that does not look like penis, poking out in between his legs. A riach can also be a guy who's mom is pretty hot and may look like a woman from a japanese street race movie.
-Hey, look at that dude trying to hook up with another guy. haha
-Haha, must be a riach
-Ya you can even see your reflection from the Italian vinaigrette on his arm
-You know hes got a tiny wiener.
-20 bucks says that riach is not even circumcised.
by Jay Leach February 18, 2008
Old scottish word meaning poon-catcher, also roughly translated into french, "a whales vagina"
that guy is slaying it tonight, he must have nailed twenty birds, he is a real Riach
by almond spank May 08, 2011

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