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A popular nightlife information portal/messageboard based out of New York City that boasts a robust calendar of events in just about every subgenre of EDM with a leaning towards House, in-depth articles about happenings in the scene and a bustling forum community. Formed by power structure from the now dead Naughtybooth community, many board elders are ex-Twiloheads and can be considered elite party people (from a scene perspective as well as the perspective of their own egos). There are also complements of angry technoheads, breakers and, if the moon is in phase, a guido or two rounding things out.

Upon frequenting the forums one will find all sorts of characters. From venue owners and international DJ's to audiophiles to run-of-the-mill party people, all but candy ravers are represented. Discussion on the main board is pretty shoot from the hip, with chatter that often drifts completely away from nightlife to just about any subject imaginable. 'Auralism', is a great repository of EDM musical knowledge and 'Mechanism' fufills the needs of the audiophile/engineer/producer/gadgetmonkey set. 'Journalism' is a great place to read articles on all sorts of subject matter within the scene as well as "official" reviews by the talented writing staff. 'Globalism' is devoted to tracking events in many national and international clubbing destinations. No good nightlife board would be complete without the ubiquitous 'sex' board, which in this case is aptly named 'Carnalism' (members only).

Things to remember (If you decide to partake):

Any notion of liking trance or any of it's derivatives is generally going to be met with ridicule and/or sarcastic humor seeing as how most forum members are jaded ex-ravers who have been in the scene for some time.

The same thing goes for progressive house a la Sasha and Digweed from the Twilo days.

Ichi is always right.

Talk about the former club called ARC is frowned upon and will immediately be met with complaints about everything from the interior decor to the people that frequented it. Thinly veiled scene status self-reaffirmation about when the club was called Vinyl is also a common comeback by board elders.

Drug talk in the context of currently open venues is a no-no and should be avoided.

"Hi, I'm new" introduction threads are encouraged and often met with a joyous warm welcome from the existing members.

Take time to marvel at Krizia's breasts as well as Lena's scorchingly hot disinterested facial expressions.
We're cooler than you are, and you KNOW IT.
by Socialcommentary2000 May 05, 2005
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1) New York's most diverse and popular nightlife website.

2) Narcotic's anonymous gateway.
I don't know where to go tonight, so I'm going to check rhythmism, to see some boobs, and then I'll just call my friend and find out where he's going and just go there... but definitely rhythmism first.
by Daveraver February 02, 2005
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