A name of Welsh descent, meaning "ardor" (ardour for the brits).
As a knight of the Silver Hand, Rhys lived and died up to his name.
by TheRecklessOne June 04, 2006
Top Definition
also commonly known as sexii
He is the most amazing man. He is sexy, gorgeous, sweet, super mega ninja tard awesome.

emo scene chic : id sure like to tap that rhys kid
annette: FUCKING DIE!
by cho mummer December 15, 2007
the best friend anyone could ask for, a genuine stand up guy. he has the nicest personality anyone could ask for, hes sweet, and kind, would do anything for anyone, a true,loyal friend.
that rhys is sure enough a stand up guy, wat a gentleman!
by sarBABE February 20, 2009
Rhys is the greatest person you will ever meet. He may seem like an over the top pretty boy at first but once you know him well he's the nicest and caring boy you'd ever find. He's a great lover, and a sensitive guy when around his one special girl. He's not always the kindest, but a true friend and fantastic boyfriend. Girls would love to date Rhys, and they all chase after him but when he likes the one girl, he's loyal to her. He's a top mate and a good person in general. To know Rhys is like being besties with jesus, he's perfect, handsome, funny, athletic, hot, caring and wonderful to be around
Girl 1; Wow, I wish my boyfriend was Rhys!!
Girl 2; Lucky for me he is, and i'll never give him up
by Rhysisperfectiontome February 12, 2011
An amazing and caring guy that would never hurt you but is always afraid he is going to. A gentle giant, sweet, loyal and always there when you need him. I love you so much, Rhys.
Girl 1: Who's that?
Girl 2: That's my Rhys
by ElvenGoth March 22, 2011
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