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A move done by someone who jumps down the stairs and hits their head off of the ceiling
"Ouch man, Mark just pulled a Rhys!"

"When I was drunk last night, I did a total Rhys"
by Dark Angel xx October 05, 2008
when you laugh while eating and it comes out your nose
(specifically ice cream)
ahhh, dude i just did a rhys and now my face is sore!!
by alypso November 25, 2009
A surname of Welsh origin that means "Dragon", "fervor", "passion", "ultimate strength", "king" or "zeal".

Over time, the name has evolved from a mark of respect and stature, to that of an insult. Nowadays, people with the name 'Rhys' will usually fit in to one, or many of the below categories:

1) Someone suffering from delusions of grandeur, but in reality is an epically shit person.

2) An absolute joke of a human being (and not a funny-ha-ha joke).

3) Perceived by others to have slight (raging) homosexual tendencies.
Person 1: "That guy Rhys.. he's your mate!"
Person 2: "Definitely your mate!"
Rhys: "I'm everyone's mate because I'm awesome!"
Person 1: "You're a joke"
Person 2: "Absolute joke."
by shit mate. October 25, 2011
Someone that looks alot like an ogre.
Man that guy looks like shrek! I bet his name is rhys ;o
by <3<3<33< October 20, 2010
A person who tends to earn a lot of money and not put in for anything even food, though they dont mind eating yours. They spend all there money on the partner to hide there true sexuality and fantisy for cross dressers.
wow that rhys just got up and left the table with out paying any money to his meal.
by ticklemepoodle November 30, 2009
Ignore the last four definition's Rhys is a person, A normal human being who's concept on life goes far beyond that of a normal person. Personaly Rhys is God to most and isn't that little prissy boy and his enemies who can't spell for shit. Grammar rules, and prepy grudge holding whores suck.

Rhys went out to the store today and bought some gummy worms, he was not assaulted by hundreds of women like previously stated, also he doesn't drive a Jaguar either, so shut the hell up about the Jaguar.

Rhys = Ishbar
by IshbarQ May 03, 2005

1)Someone who is a genuine dickhead and wont have much to look forward to in the future.
2) a person whose past use of marajuana would seem to be the catalyst for slow speech and an absence of regular human level conversation.
3) a person who is utterly obsesive with their looks and reckons that they are a living god/Jesus.

see also-
dud |d&#601;d| informal

1 a thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless : a high-grade collection, not a dud in the lot | | all three bombs were duds.
1)"dude that guy is such a rhys".

2)"yeh, he always thinks he's the shit".

1)"dude here he comes!".. and hes shaping his hair and... oh shit hes unbuttoning his V-neck.

RHYS) heyyyyyyy you, whats crackin braaaazzasazzz , you doinnnn much in de holzz?
by garethcon April 24, 2008