Top Definition
1. A person who is in love with all things involving science, especially biology.

2. A person which has been given celebrity status is his area for having a ridiculously large bag or rucksack if you prefer.
"Rhydian is totally obsessed with science, I think he need counselling" - Annonymous
by The Real Gill Grissom February 01, 2005
1. Boy who picks nose, views bogie obtained and promptly consumes it.

2. Comes to school with everything but the kitchen sink in his gimp-bag

3. Is twinned with John Mc Cririck (of BB fame) in both action and appearance.

4. Secret lover of Grissom from CSI.
"Rhydian Mann, why have you brought your stanley knife to Maths?!"
by britishandworried January 27, 2005
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