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The smallest state where everyone knows EVERYONE!
person 1) Ohh yeah i know her, she fucked my ex boyfriend's best friend's uncle.

person 2) I thought it was your bestfriend's friends second cousins baby daddy?

person 1) yeah exactly same shit.... that's Rhode Island for ya
by Mrs. Chleo December 01, 2009
31 8
A unit of measurement.
One day my teacher said "Wow that's the size of 3 Rhode Islands!"
by Student of Astronomy April 08, 2008
50 27
Rhode Island is a place where the most popular sport is politics because everyone's in it - even the Mafia!
Virtually every member of the Rhode Island General Assembly is a member of the Democratic Party. The only exemption is Governors, which as of late have been all GOP.
by DanCBJMS April 21, 2007
38 21
NOT AN ISLAND! located in the New England area, is the smallest state with the longest name (Rhode Island and providence plantations) also it has the 2nd largest population density. A nice place to grow up. Home of Del's Lemonade (where the only good kind is lemon), coffee milk, the word bubbler. Has really nice beaches, most Rhode islanders hate the tourists because they crowd our beaches. Most Rhode Islanders are characterized by being Italian and pronouncing their R's like Ah. however most people only do that when they are angry. Is really cold in winter and really hot in summer. Most popular stores in the area are Abercrombie and Hollister.
Rhode Islander:Yeah Im on vacation from Rhode Island.
Ignorant person: Duhh is that an island?
Rhode Islander:...wow you are retarded.
by Megggerr May 23, 2007
33 17
The world's yardstick. A Unit by which to measure other land masses.

French guy acting homie: Yo, geographically challenged yankee guy, do you know how big France is?

geographically challenged yankee guy: Nah maaaan, we didn't do no geo-graffy is high-school man!

French guy acting homie: It's about 500 Rhode Islands.
by Patrickdub January 17, 2008
34 19
The only place ever where you can say you hate it but keep coming back. Home of the state run by High School kids who only wear abocrombie. The providence place mall is the best place ever and dave and busters is the greatest place ever.Beaches are great if you love beaches and you have to know someone to do anything and if you know someone you can do whatever you want. Oakland Beach is the place and other than hendricken no one cares about your school. Del's water and lemon is the only good flavor. If you dont know what Dunkin Donuts is then you better get out even though most rhode islanders dont know how to spell doughnut. Everyone knows who you are and vice versa. Everyone has a story about every night and you will always remember them. And if your going to eat anywhere please go to federal hill.
Im going 100 on the highway should i slow down

nahh man were in Rhode Island my dad will get us out of it
by MIDNIGHT FROMRI November 18, 2008
36 25
Rhode Island is state that has the worst jerk drivers in the nation. Drivers follow so closely that it should be called the "Tailgate State" If you ask why drivers don't use turn signal they reply "it's nobody's business where your're going". The state is full of poke you drivers, the ones who live in the left lane like they pay rent there and never pass anyone or the ones that pull out into traffic that is going 30 miles per hour and slow you down to 20 miles per hour. Everyday you will see multiple drivers, mostly young females, who swerve all over a traffic lane and are constantly stepping on their breaks and guess what they are doing ---TEXTING! Drivers either roll through stop signs or sit at them when there is no traffic coming.

Actually the state motto should be: "Arrive on vacation, leave on probation" since most residents has spent some time at the ACI.
Guy 1: "Have you ever driven in "Rhode Island"?

Guy 2: Driven in "Rouge Island"? Yeah I was driven out of "Rhode Island" by a crazy woman who rode my bumper all the way to the Connecticut state line
by wattstaxx May 27, 2014
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