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The opposite of camel toe.
its alway a fat chick.
My buddy and I was eating lunch and I said “man look at that fat bitches rhino toe”.
by tublicker1 April 01, 2005
A wedgie up a fat persons ass.
The ass is normally eating the pants cause it you see a big ass crack in the pants.
Woah those pants are giving those chicks a rhino toe. oh wait that a cows ass.
by lovesrhinotoes1996 February 28, 2010
The male version of a camel toe. Like there is the Shlong and the two balls and some douche decides to wear tight pants or shirts.
Look at that guy, He has a rhinotoe.
by Joshua Marquez September 20, 2007
basically a camel toe in the "ass" area.
usually spotted while wearing tight, strechy pants of some sort.
and most commonly found on fat women.
ewww, did you just see that girl's rhino toe??
by lyra1719 March 16, 2009
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