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to be so imeennsly reetardid you can't even spell those words right
i lost a mark on my zoo-ology test because i put 'jerraff' instead of 'giraffe'. straight rexcall-ed it. damn.
by dapper April 06, 2003
when you lie to yourself claiming to be a god that gives orgasms to women at every touch...
yo henry, why you keep frontin for?? you know yuo look crunkup... stop playin yourself... you know your just a damn "rexcal"
by bootsy April 07, 2003
a god among women causing them to have violent orgasims at every touch.
"marcus yer such a pimp, your a regular rexcal"
by omega April 07, 2003
putting desiel in your gasoline fueled car and straight fukkin up the engine.
Yo dawg, I went to Sunoco today straight rex-cal'd my car... desiel and unleaded gas aren't the same?? daaamn... what a trip.
by buddha April 06, 2003