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An adjective used to describe a thoughtless individual who has acted so douchey that he/she transcends all known forms of douchebaggery to set a new standard for generations of future douchebags.
The way Gerry treats the people he knows is downright revodouchenary. And you wonder why we don't hang out with him.
by B... August 17, 2009
An adjective used to describe technology that, while technically impressive, allows its users to appear douchey, or is primarily used by douchey people.
"Hey, is that Bob on one of those new Hoverboards? Those things are so revodouchenary."
"Tinder has revodouchenized the dating world forever."
"Google Glass is the standard in revodouchenary technology for well-to-do hipsters."
by whybrywhy April 29, 2016
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