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This is the act of taking a poop, first and foremost, but doing it in a rather shocking way. Instead of sitting on a toilet the normal way, you REVERSE it. This is for the hardcore shit-master. Let me put it this way.. it blows peoples minds!
"hey watch this!"
"ha. okay what is it?"
(sits on toilet.. reversed)
"wayy.. waaaait.. WHAT? the FUCK? I.. I.. dont get it.."
"aaaaahh. this is the first reverse poop ever done in all of history!"
"I'm glad to be here for it. I.. I.. feel honored."
reverse poop
by Challaboob August 03, 2010

: that thing people are always worried about where somebody might sneak up behind you and poop their poop directly up your butthole. A perfectly rational fear, and one which most people are worried about every day.


: the act of committing the above transgression.
"One of our greatest thinkers once mused that it was a blessing indeed that once something passeth through the butt-hole, then truly is there no coming back. Though the ages have proven this optimism to be shortsighted, verily the world would be better were it so. Woe be unto us, sons and daughters of Mankind, for from the time we can walk until our final breath, the terrible specter of Reverse Pooping is never far from our collective nightmares. We wake from dreams made unsound by visions of Reverse Pooping, slink from our beds, and spend each day in furtive creeping with an eye turned ever rearward, lest we be taken unawares with Reverse Pooping. Truly, it is a reasonable fear, and everybody thinks about it pretty much all the time."

~ St. Ignatius the Wise, from the First Canticle of "Reverse Pooping Is a Real Thing, And You Should Think About it A Lot"
by The Loremaster June 10, 2014

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