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if jejemons are the individuals who ARE tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, then REVERSE JEJEMONS are english or tag-lish-speaking girls (sometimes guys, too), from the better part of society, usually middle/upper middle/upper class, who mutilate english words and phrases to make them sound supposedly cute, conyo, or am-slang

some examples of reverse jejemon words are:
Bora - for Boracay, the island
seshie - session
shoesies - shoes
fa-syon - fashion
oh my gawd - oh my god
fez - face
Having/Seeing/Reading/Hearing reverse jejemons is far worse then the normal, type 1 jejemon. Why? Because these people supposedly actually know correct spelling and grammar, but prefer to tweak them to sound CONYO!
by jejemon buster numero uno June 07, 2010
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