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When you get with a girl and then after she says she just wants to be friends
John: Aw man did you hear about Dro he got reverse friendzoned by that girl!
Mary: Aw no way getting reverse friendzoned is the worst!
by Sgo hills November 19, 2014
When a guy doesn't want to complicate the relationship with sex, and places the female (or male, that's cool too...) in the forlorn friendzone. Basically this shit almost never happens
"I put her in the Reverse Friendzone. She wanted to have sex, but I had to put my foot down."
by goldbond69 March 04, 2015
a method used by girls to win over unsuspecting guys, It is the reversed process of being (see friend zoned) which usually ends in a relationship.
Shirley reverse friend-zoned john to get into a relationship with him
by Spazcat February 02, 2012
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