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short for retard
he's such a ret
by headbanger666 April 02, 2003
a phrase which questions the readiness of someone or something; short for "are you ready to go"?
I gotta get goin', chump. Rets?
by jdm November 21, 2002
A better way of saying your every day word 'retarded'. Taken as plural from the word, 'reterded' which is a fancier way of saying retarded.
Is she rets?
What's wrong with you!!! Are you totes rets or what?!
My goodness, she looks so reterded.
by Widdy Angelz November 07, 2011
Basically a shorter way of saying retard
Lewis you Ret!
by Akira. September 10, 2010
Are you ret to go?
by Bungalow Bill October 06, 2001
parents, takin from rent,they make u pay rent
the rets are makin me move out
by pisto and cdawg May 18, 2003
Adjective-To be mentally disabled or just plain out DUMB

Example-Your such a RET!

Verb-To run around like you have a mental problem

Example-I'm going to go outside and RET.
Noun-A person named Barrack Obama

Example-Our president is RET.
Adjective-Example-Your such a RET

Verb-Example-I'm going to go outside and RET

Noun-Example-Our president is RET.
by Zulu2899 November 27, 2011

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