a male individual, who attempts to "save" women, saving meaning getting in a relationship, spending lots of money, etc, these women are plagued with STD's, drug addiction and or pregnancy.
Damn I can't believe that nigga holdin hands with that dirty hoe, she be turnin tricks on the block all day. What a Resthaven.
by Memphis10 OG May 02, 2005
Top Definition
A place easily used by women, especially hoes or trashy women, for purposes that would normally be done at the homes of these women including eating, sleeping, relaxing, or other various activities without the women giving up any kind of compensation for their use of the place. The place or "restahven" is usually occupied by a man or men who are often very naive and/or gullible and are easily taken advantage of.
Man wake these hoes up and get them out of my house, this ain't no resthaven.
by Jaxxx January 05, 2005
When a playa fucks with a lot of girls then wanna settle down and fall in love witta hoe
Damn son, dat nigga Jamal fell in love wit dat bitch, dis nigga a rest haven
by Brooklyn to Harlem Stand up October 12, 2004
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