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A place easily used by women, especially hoes or trashy women, for purposes that would normally be done at the homes of these women including eating, sleeping, relaxing, or other various activities without the women giving up any kind of compensation for their use of the place. The place or "restahven" is usually occupied by a man or men who are often very naive and/or gullible and are easily taken advantage of.
Man wake these hoes up and get them out of my house, this ain't no resthaven.
by Jaxxx January 05, 2005
Video game nerd
jerks off too much
total faggot
The Paulzine jerks off to xbox characters that are dudes
by jaxxx June 24, 2014
biznitch is usually used to describe things that are extremely sexy and cool and crazy....like JACKIE!! This word can also be used in everyday life in place of ordinary words...
"WOW man, yur biznitch is huge!"
"I wanna eat a biznitch!"
"Come here now biznitch!"
"Who wants a biznitch?!"
"Would you look at that biznitch!!"
by JaxXx February 17, 2004
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