noun.- When one is given their due Respect and the Recognition of that Respect. A portmanteau popularized in the west coast/California, circa 1992
I've been a good customer here for years, why is the bartender not giving me the respecognition I deserve?

Thats right I laid down that phat spit(rhyme), you better respecognize.
by R.Vegas August 10, 2009
Top Definition
from brother Rob Walker meaning: respect and recognize
You don't know who I am .... You better respecognize
by ang zone August 23, 2004
a sex position where the woman must be in a backwards crap walk while the man, standing straight up thrusts into her, but CANNOT touch the ground in any way whatsoever. Feet are fine only if he wears socks. If socks are not to be found, it is not uncommon to stand on her stomach. Men usually expect most women to do this for them after receiving some form of disrespect.
yo man, did Julie call you at work again?

ya, it's pissin' me off, I'm a busy man and that bitch better respecognize.

Oh ya bro make love to that woman crab

-high fives all around-
by doctor feel ok-ish March 23, 2011
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