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When two women (preferably) have anal intercorase using a double sidded dilldo, one side in each anus. So named for the ending of the Darron Aronofsky film Requiem for a Dream where Jenifer Conolly and a cute redhead can be seen doing this.This is also the reason two versions of Requiem for a Dream had to be realeased. One containing this scene in it's entierty, and one with some shots of this sex act edited out.
"They had sex requiem style."
"I would love to watch those two do it requiem style!"
"Queit down before we make you do somethin requiem style!"
"It could be worse they could be doing it requiem style."

Old Man: I know, lets have them do ass to ass!
(redhead prepaires a giant black double sidded dilldo while looking at Jennifer Conolly with sexual intent.)
by The Dark Lord of Bass September 23, 2005
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