it has three differnt sexes
it is amazingly retarded, with an IQ. of -20.
when it says hello it also bites part of you head off, because of it huge under bite.
made by: Kia Salahe, Simon Wilkins, Rob you forgot some stuff so i added it.
you're such a repugnatroger...
a.k.a Nick and/or Kwami
by Rob Smith March 06, 2004
Top Definition
A fictional monster where the male of the species has an underbite and the female has an overbite.It is extremely stupid and often mistakes things for other things.
When they see a Pineapple they go"OH NO A GRENADE!" and when someone throws a grenade at them they go "OH BOY A PINEAPPLE",and when it explodes they go "UMM,SPICEY!"
by Simon Wilkins March 06, 2004
A fictional creature whith a huge under bite that is extreamly retarded.
contraction of re: repugnant pu:putrideous g: gross n: narcaleptic a:assclown t: tacky r: retarded oger: ogre.
made by Kia and Simon.
you are a repugnatroger
by elektro March 05, 2004
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