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3 definitions by elektro

A fictional creature whith a huge under bite that is extreamly retarded.
contraction of re: repugnant pu:putrideous g: gross n: narcaleptic a:assclown t: tacky r: retarded oger: ogre.
made by Kia and Simon.
you are a repugnatroger
by elektro March 05, 2004
1 5
contraction of putrid and hideous.
an ugly smelly disgusting person.
A word created by Kia Salehi and Simon Wilkins.
you are putrideous
by elektro March 05, 2004
1 6
looks like the girimace mascot from macdonalds but is aroused sexualy by spoons and oranges or spoons stuck in oranges. Also rapes small children
oh no the purple gurple wants to rape me!!!!!!!
by elektro March 06, 2004
8 32