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The long-term aftereffects of a childhood head trauma (you know, the kind where you never even saw a doctor because your mother told you to stop crying and go clean your room) that manifest in slightly off-kilter adult behaviors that have no other logical explanation.
My husband's inability to remember anyone's name (and this inability has not worsened with age), his sometimes unfortunate wardrobe choices (exactly HOW short are your shorts?), and his penchant for getting lost in the mall all point back to several childhood errors in judgement, the most famous of which he has lovingly named, "One more time, Dad! Snap! Bop!" This particular incident involved an inadequately-sized rope swing. It was one of many such follies. And it resulted, as one might imagine, in lifelong reperconcussions.
by Ursula Montague July 16, 2011
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